Tasmania is world renowned for its spectacular scenery and has many natural attractions. These include tranquil alpine lakes and tarns, peaks and plateaus, forests, rugged coast and beautiful sandy beaches. One of the best ways to see what this state has to offer is on foot…….

……fit walkers with limited experience can undertake most of the walks as they follow marked tracks or well-used routes. For the experienced walker, a few more difficult walks have been included.”


By John and Monica Chapman

…..a “must have” publication for all walkers, with special reference to pages 63- 86.
See also www.john.chapman.name

Explorers lodge is within easy reach of the beautiful Mount Field National Park; a bush walker’s delight and one of Tasmania’s oldest and most loved national parks. From the tall forests and waterfalls of the lower sections to the glaciated mountains, windswept moors and tranquil lakes of the highlands, the park encompasses an amazing diversity of landscapes, plants, animals and history. Walkers can enjoy parts of it in a brief visit and yet not run out of things to discover in a life time….walk through rainforest, past towering gums and up to the high country of snow gums, alpine moorlands and glacial lakes.

Explorers Lodge is ideally located for walkers wanting to take on a fine weather, long day walk to MOUNT ANNE in the SOUTH WEST NATIONAL PARK, which offers majestic views of the surrounding mountain ranges. The lodge is a perfect place from which to stock up in preparation for longer over night walking ventures, as the many shops, supermarkets and pharmacies in New Norfolk are capable of providing all needs.

For those in search of PLATYPUS in the wild, we can point you in the right direction!

South West National Park

World Heritage National Park